Oh My God ! “Cosmic Rays” were being sighted by a plaintiff in the Toyota Sudden Acceleration case… EVERYBODY PANIC !!

Toyota and

Toyota and “Cosmic Rays” being blamed for “Unintended Acceleration”.

Oh My God ! “Cosmic Rays” were being sighted by a plaintiff in the Toyota Sudden Acceleration case… EVERYBODY PANIC !!

So according to Michael Barr, who is an “Embedded Systems Expert”, ..”cosmic rays can flip a bit on an onboard computer”. Now you know why I don’t trust airplanes…. we are not safe. But I guess you can pay anyone to say anything… even if NASA thinks you are wrong.

Curious… so cosmic rays have nothing to do with global warming then…. lol


On February 8, 2011, the NHTSA, in collaboration with NASA, released its findings into the investigation on the Toyota drive-by-wire throttle system. After a 10-month search, NASA and NHTSA scientists found no electronic defect in Toyota vehicles.[27] Driver error or pedal misapplication was found responsible for most of the incidents.[28] The report ended stating, “Our conclusion is Toyota’s problems were mechanical, not electrical.” This included sticking accelerator pedals, and pedals caught under floor mats.[29]
However, on October 24, 2013, a jury ruled against Toyota and found that unintended acceleration could have been caused due to deficiencies in the Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS). Michael Barr of the Barr Group testified that NASA had not been able to complete its examination of Toyota’s ETCS and that Toyota did not follow best practices for real time life critical software, ***** and that a single bit flip which can be caused by cosmic rays could cause unintended acceleration *****. As well, the run-time stack of the real-time operating system was not large enough and that it was possible for the stack to grow large enough to overwrite data that could cause unintended acceleration.[30][31] As a result Toyota has entered into settlement talks with its plaintiffs.[32]


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