Illegal immigrants now getting instate tuition, subsidized by the MA state tax payers of course. Lets hope your own children will be able to get into state schools.

Deval Patrick Creates The “Uncle Onyango” Scholarship

Will Uncle Onyango qualify for taxpayer-subsidized college tuition?

Will Uncle Onyango qualify for taxpayer-subsidized college tuition?

UPDATE! MA State Rep. George Petersen will join us today at 3:15pm to talk about Gov. Patrick’s decision and any possible reaction from the legislature.

Call it the “Uncle Onyango” Scholarship.

Gov. Patrick is going to order Massachusetts colleges and universities to let people who are not legal residents of Massachusetts pay taxpayer-subsidized, in-state, legal residency tuition.

But only if they’re illegal immigrants:

Governor Deval Patrick will direct state colleges and universities Monday to allow young illegal immigrants to pay the lower resident rate for tuition and fees as soon as they obtain work permits through a new federal program, a senior administration official said Sunday…

The Patrick administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the governor is sending a letter to the Board of Higher Education Monday, said the change takes effect immediately. State officials said students paying nonresident tuition now at one of the 29 state colleges or universities may apply for a refund for this semester, but not for prior semesters.

Meanwhile, people who work legally in Massachusetts, pay income taxes in Massachusetts but live in New Hampshire or Rhode Island….will still be paying the far-higher tuition.

Why? Because they’re not part of a special-interest political group.

Massachusetts is, of course, free to set tuition in state colleges however they choose. However, these decisions have previously been made by the democratic process: legislators voting the will of the people.

Not under Gov. Patrick. He can’t run again, so the whole “will of the people” thing has been declared passe’. Democrat legislators like Terry Murray didn’t have to run on this issue and face the voters. Instead, the government is just going to declare one set of non-residents—illegal immigrants—more privileged than others.



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