MA Public Safety Chief “Never Should’ve Been Hired.” OK—So Why Isn’t She FIRED?

After two decades of partisan political hackery, you really think she’s going to get fired now?

After two decades of partisan political hackery, you really think she’s going to get fired now?

Welcome to Massachusetts:

Her job is to make state roads safer but the director of Massachusetts Highway Safety Division(!) has numerous vehicle violations to her name, including at least six traffic accidents.

Sheila Burgess’ driving record details a list of 34 infractions including speeding violations, failures to stop for a police officer, driving without registration or license in possession, and driving without wearing a seat belt.

She also failed to appear in a New Hampshire court in 2000, according to her driving record…

Until Nov. 1, her license was in indefinite “non-renew status” for failing to pay local excise taxes.

By the way, Burgess was hired back in 2007 by the Patrick administration, and all of these infractions (other than the “skipping her taxes” part) were on her record at the time.  So how the heck did she get the job?

“I don’t know but I’m not happy about it and I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” Gov. Deval Patrick told reporters at Boston Rescue Mission Day Of Thanks Celebration Sunday…

Secretary of Public Safety Mary Elizabeth Heffernan’s spokesperson released a statement saying Burgess should have never been hired.

Well, that still doesn’t answer the “How the hell did she get the job with this record in the first place?!” question. Maybe this will help:

Burgess was appointed to her $87,000-a-year position in July 2007, without any background in public safety, transportation, or government administration. Her experience was in Democratic Party politics. For almost two decades as a paid consultant and congressional aide, she had raised money and ­advised candidates for public office, including — according to her resume — Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray, who had taken office six months earlier as part of the new Patrick administration.

Ah, yes—the cream of the public safety crop. By the way, Burgess it out on medical leave due to injuries she sustained in a single-car accident. She claims she swerved to avoid an oncoming car and crashed. The police didn’t write up a report.

Well, at least this tax-cheating, road-rage hack will be off the taxpayer payroll now, right.


“When Ms. Burgess returns from her current medical leave, she will no longer have any role in highway safety and will be reassigned to a different role within the Executive Office,” Heffernan’s spokesperson said.

Uh..did you say “a DIFFERENT ROLE in the executive office?” What happened to “fired on the spot, having her belongings shoved into a cardboard box and confiscating her parking permit?”

Oh, that’s right. This is…Massachusetts.

So lying to get a job, refusing to show up in court, and skipping out on taxes doesn’t get you fired from the Patrick administration? Then what the heck does—feeling up a boy in a Florida steam room?

Oh, wait…



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