Non-Citizens Registered To Vote, Elected Officials Shrug

Slick Willie Lantigua...“I don’t support voter fraud. "I only want illegal immigrants voting ONCE!”

Slick Willie Lantigua…“I don’t support voter fraud. “I only want illegal immigrants voting ONCE!”

Fox 25 reports the story the Boston Globe-Democrat ignores:

FOX 25 / – When police arrested Joel Santiago-Vazquez last year, they found a stash of powder and crack cocaine hidden in a false bottom of a Pringles potato chip can.

Police also found, according to their report, that federal immigration authorities had “no record of (his) entering the country”. A detainer was issued, and Santiago-Vazquez became one more illegal immigrant caught in the crosshairs of the federal government.

But FOX Undercover found out something else about Santiago-Vazquez. He’s been registered to vote from his home address in Lawrence since 2010.

Mayor Lantigua (see above) where widespread fraud was found simply ignores reporter questions. The state election commissioner blames the RMV. The RMV blames bad paperwork. Nothing happens. And nobody cares.

“A gentleman was seen by one of the poll workers…walk in and vote at one table, leave, come back, switch his jacket and put on a cap and went to the other table and voted there under two different names,” Hayes told FOX Undercover….

One Lawrence senior, Gloria Maheu, was shocked when she checked in to vote and found a woman she had never heard of registered at her address.

“How did I know who she was? I had never seen her and they told me, ‘Why don’t you stay here until she comes and votes.’ I said, ‘I’m not staying here all day and night!'” Maheu told FOX Undercover.

That stranger was actually registered twice at Maheu’s address, according to the 2009 voter list, with the same name, the same date of registration and the birth dates exactly four months apart.

There is much, much more. Watch the entire report for yourself.

If this election is as close as many polls say, and if it comes down to a handful of votes in one or two swing states, it is absolutely possible the margin of victory could be within the margin of fraud. Now imagine if one of the candidates loses the popular vote but wins the Electoral College by carrying one state—a state where voter fraud is exposed?

In the political powderkeg of 2012, this is a horrible disaster waiting to happen.



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