“Lion” Democrats – Use their Own System to Further Themselves

Liar, liar, liar, pants on fire

Liar, liar, liar, pants on fire

Elizabeth Warren isn’t the only one who misrepresents herself.

In this true story verified by Snopes:

http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/bi … ooklet.asp

you will see President Obama listed as being “born in Kenya”? So which is it. Was he born in Kenya and continues to lie about being an American citizen, or did he instead lie to so that others think he is a Kenyan-born author, to sell books?

Either way, yet another Democrat using the system they created to further themselves.

Then of course bogus” human-caused” global warming claims and scams by Al Gore who himself has a 10% stake in the very Carbon Tax Exchange he created.  Lets talk about creating a business need and filling it.

So there you go. Three examples of three different high-profile democrats who have all helped to foster a system of gratification based on various social bellwethers and then pretended to fit these very bellwethers themselves to personally profit.

As you can see the democratic party has sunk to a new low.


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