Thank you Bush… for Guantanamo Bay… where the information for where to find bin Laden came from !

So Bush was right afterall...

So Bush was right afterall...

Obama almost blew this one. He could have done “NOTHING” and we would have Bin Laden thanks to our military and CIA. But wait….lets look back a little.

1) Obama signs a presidential order to close Guantanamo Bay and condemns its use of interrogation techniques.

2) One month ago, for no reason, he completely reverses his stance on Guantanamo Bay.

3) Osama Bin Laden is found.

4) It is released that a tip led to Osama Bin Ladens location (Out of Guantanamo Bay).

Congratulations Obama on nearly closing the facility that led to the capture of Osama Bin Laden. Too bad the rest of your failed Policies weren’t reversed at the last minute like Guantanamo.


One comment

  1. Jason Alabman

    Interesting… This actually sounds plausible. Have they released that the tip came from Guantanamo Bay?

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