Hallmark Card’s Space Metaphors Demeaning To African-Americans, Says NAACP

Is this for real?  Really??  Do you have nothing else to do, like stop domestic violence, gang wars, child abuse…? This is where you spend your time????

Nothing better to worry about.

Nothing better to worry about.

The NAACP is up in arms against a Hallmark graduation card they say puts racist rhetoric in the mouths of Hoots and Yoyo, two of the companies staple characters. The card makes references to extraterrestrial objects the graduate is capable of conquering, including what Hallmark says are “black holes,” but what the civil rights advocacy group says is a demeaning reference to African-American women.

“It sounds like a group of children laughing and joking about blackness. Again,” explained a representative of the group at a press conference where they called for the card to be taken off the shelves, which it has been. The characters talk about various space objects, later saying, “You black holes, you’re so ominous!… Watch your back!,” a joke a Hallmark representative claimed was intended to express that the graduate could now take on anything, including anti-matter. Representatives of the NAACP, however, argued that the word “holes” was pronounced with a very audible “r” sound, making it “very demeaning to African-American women when they made reference to African-American women as whores and then said ‘watch your back.’”

The card has been pulled from shelves, although Hallmark spokespeople say the card had been on the shelves for three years without incident, and that they are trying to “learn from this experience.”

From one of the comments in the story above:

They should have learned not to let a handful of loons intimidate them with their hysterical looniness. This has to be one of the dumbest stories I have ever read.

I think I am going to boycott Liquid Paper. I am really offended by the term White Out.

And I am going to boycott Wonder Bread. White Bread is a term I find highly offensive.

And I am going to boycott Nabisco…. I am so very offended by their use of the word cracker.

I think I am going to boycott Duran Duran because when they sing Wild Boys, I hear *white whore”.
I demand they stop selling that song!

See the video on this nonsense here:


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