Tea Party Movement Under Attack by Media? Hillary Clinton’s Past Words Prove it is OK to Question Authority

It is OK to question authority when that authority is a sitting Republican president. But the moment you question a sitting Democratic Socialist president, it’s a whole different story.

Currently the Tea Party movement is under attack by the same old left-leaning loonie media, simply because the people in general, “have had enough of taxation, socialism, waste, graft, corruption, and the ripping up of the consitution by the current Democrats in power”.

When entertainers and politicians were labled as anti-american after 9/11 if they disagreed with President Bush’s agenda the media and others had a field day with how unfair this was. Hillary Clinton got up and made a big speech, screeching at the top of her lungs about how unfair it was and how she wasn’t going to stand for it. Where is she now, why isn’t she screeching about how those against the Presiden’t plans for health care are being treated. We’re being called stupid, crazy, radical, organized by right wing extremists anything but people standing up and letting it be known how we feel. Just as Hillary screeched at the top of her lungs that we should be able to do. Just in case your ears have recovered here she is:

Why hasn’t she come out to defend us? She did say any administration.

I personally don’t care what she says but I will tell the politicians that whether we organize or we speak our peace individually we have the right to have our voice heard and they can all just shut up and take it.


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