Simple Solution to Health Care issue…from the Back of a Cereal Box

Erewhon Cereal Box

Erewhon Cereal Box - backside has some very contemporary words of wizdom

So I’m sitting there eating my Erewhon Brown Rice cereal this morning… and I like to read the boxes like most people do.

With the looming vote on healthcare coming, this paragraph on the back of this cereal box struck me like a lightning bolt:

The name Erewhon (Air-wahn) comes from a nineteenth century novel by Samuel Butler wherein Erewhon was a utopia where each individual was responsible for his own health. This idea that one is ultimately responsible for one’s well-being was the basis for our founders’ philosophy. The name Erewhon was a “natural” choice.

I found that very telling. It also reminded me that back in the 70s and early 80s, when we had to visit the doctor, it was paid OUT OF POCKET. Insurance didn’t cover any of that. Insurance back then was for catastrophic events, long hospital stays, etc. The maintenance and sick visits were out of pocket. Prices were “affordable” because doctors were competing for your business back then and it was just cheaper to do business without the high cost medical malpractice (due to out-of-control litigious society and laws that allow this).

So here is a Life Magazine ad I ran into while perusing Google’s online Life Magazine repository:

Healthcare used to be more affordable
Healthcare used to be more affordable – From Life Magazine mid 1980s

Notice that 65 dollars a day was considered “high cost” for a days stay at a hospital. Today’s cost, after HMOs and Medical Malpractice Insurance bungled everything up, is GEOMETRICALLY HIGHER and that includes accounting for inflation. $65 dollars a day in the 80s, $1428.00 a day today. And I know that FOR A FACT since I have bills to prove today’s cost.

— The current “reform” plan doesn’t have any reform in it.
— Huge cuts will be taken from Medicare and Medicaid to help pay for this! So the government will be taking coverage from our elderly and former military to pay for this.
— Congress and the rest of the Federal employees continue to get their own plan

There is no such thing as an uncovered individual in this country. Even that woman that President Obama has been holding up as an “example of how bad our health care system is” is getting taken care of at one of the best cancer hospitals in the world, for free.

This current plan is NOT a plan, it’s a big mess.

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