Central Falls, RI: Obviously Nobody There Can Teach Math

Irony irony irony

Irony irony irony

The school sucked for years. Teachers didn’t get results. Millions of state and federal dollars were dumped there with little or no impact.  And so the superintendent made an offer: Work an extra 25 minutes a day, do some tutoring and student interaction, and get $30 an hour for your trouble.

The teacher’s union said “Go screw!  $90 an hour or nuthin!”

So now they’ve got nothing.  No job at Central Falls at the end of the school year.

You walked away from a cushy government job and all those benefits because $30 an hour wasn’t good enough? And in THIS economy?  People this dumb shouldn’t be allowed in our schools, much less teaching there.

The unions got what they asked for.  This is a great moment for taxpayers and poorly-taught students everywhere.




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