Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Agree! – The Audacity of HOs (Obama hands over 4Billion dollars to this group)

Even Left-leaning Jon Stewart cant believe ACORNs outrageous behavior

Even Left-leaning Jon Stewart can't believe ACORNs outrageous behavior

Watch: “The Audacity of HOs”

Even Jon Stewart can’t believe the outrageous, unchecked, and now taxpayer-funded criminal behavior of ACORN.

Bill O’Reilly: Jon Stewart “Outraged” About Acorn Investigation

Despite 30 corruption-related arrests, and the new under-age prostitution scandals and at least five ACORN offices, at least seven US Senators continue to vote on allowing US Taxpayers money to fund ACORN. Even left-leaning Jon Stewart agrees with Bill O’Reilly.


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