STAY AWAY FROM MY SODA, TOO! – CDC Chief: Soda Tax Could Combat Obesity

Really?? First you went after my wallet, then you went after my paycheck, then you went after my smokes, then you went after the words we speak to others, then you went after my trans fats..that by the way you put in place to replace “bad for you” saturated fats which aren’t really any worse than trans fats, then you went after my families health insurance, and NOW you are going after my soda ??  Do you realize that diet soda is LESS healthy then regular soda??  Oh you will realize it later as you realize all your mistakes, but continue to make them. Thank you Libtards.

Are you kidding?? Really?? Having solved all the worlds problems, this is what you got?

Are you kidding?? Really?? Having solved all the world's problems, this is what you got?

While Democrats await the results of bipartisan negotiations over health care reform in the Senate Finance Committee, one of the proposals put before the committee received a nod of approval from health officials today: taxing soda.

The committee — the last congressional panel expected to produce its own recommendations for health care reform — listened to arguments earlier this year both for and against imposing a three-cent tax on sodas as well as other sugary drinks, including energy and sports drinks like Gatorade.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a three-cent tax would generate $24 billion over the next four years, and proponents of the tax argued before the committee that it would lower consumption of sugary drinks and improve Americans’ overall health.

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Weight of the Nation” conference today, CDC chief Dr. Thomas Freiden said increasing the price of unhealthy foods “would be effective” at combating the nation’s obesity problem, reports CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder.

Freiden said he was not endorsing the tax as a member of the administration but was “just presenting the science,” according to Ambinder. He also said policies that would reduce the cost of healthy foods would effectively bring down obesity rates.

Obesity-related health spending reaches $147 billion a year, double what it was nearly a decade ago, according to a study published Monday by the journal Health Affairs.

Given that evidence, the argument goes, a soda tax could plausibly pay for health care reform both by raising revenues and bringing down the medical expenses associated with obesity.

“It is extremely difficult in reality to make such a snapshot estimate of something so complicated as obesity,” Ambinder notes. “This is one reason why researchers in the field tend to focus on suffering and disparities within populations, rather than aggregate cost.”

Even though the growth rates of American obesity are leveling off overall, he points out, the rate is not slowing among African American women, Hispanics, Native Americans, or among poorer Americans.

Those opposed to the soda tax, however, are also emphasizing the impact it could have on poor Americans. The American Beverage Association, which strongly opposes the tax, told the Wall Street Journal the tax would hit poor Americans the hardest.

The association announced this month it has formed a coalition called Americans Against Food Taxes to oppose the soda tax, the Hill newspaper reported. Made up of 110 organizations opposed to raising taxes on food and beverages to pay for health reform, the group is running an advertisement that shows a family enjoying soda on a camping trip.

Given the current state of the economy, the ad says, “this is no time for Congress to be adding taxes on the simple pleasures we all enjoy.”



One comment

  1. kltron

    And this is proposed by the same government that put flour at the base of its “Food Pyramid”…

    (Consuming flour (starch with all the fiber beaten out of it) is essentially the same to your body as eating processed sugar.)

    Oh, and, by the way, if they propose to replace the sugary drinks with chemical-laden diet junk, that’s another real Einstein move, as some of that stuff is purely dangerous. And fruit juices? Those are simply more sugar without fiber. Great for jolting your body into becoming diabetic.

    Does the government want to help improve the American diet?

    – Butt out. Ever hear of “personal responsibility”?

    – Stop paying for people’s health care. Have the doctors post their prices so people will know how much it will cost them if they decide to eat poorly. Let the health insurance companies charge different rates based on controllable health factors. Let there be consequences to personal choices.

    – Stop funding ethanol. For crying out loud, all that’s doing is taking farmland away–land that could be used for growing healthy fruit and vegetables, reducing the costs of those items, and making them more plentiful.

    Clearly we’ve given FAR too much control to the government over too much of our lives. With this sugar tax they are really getting into the nooks and crannies of where they do not belong.

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