How Cambridge, MA Loves “diversity”, but can’t Live Up to its Own Rules and Whines When the City gets Doinked by a Discrimination Lawsuit

Judge upholds discrim suit vs Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) – A Superior Court judge has upheld a $4.5 million verdict against Cambridge for retaliating against a city employee who filed a discrimination complaint in 1998.

Judge Bonnie McLeod-Mancuso said in her decision that the behavior of City Manager Robert Healy was “reprehensible” and that he and other city employees engaged in a “deliberate, systematic campaign to punish the plaintiff.”

A jury last May found that the city should pay Malvina Monteiro $4.5 million.

Monteiro, former director of Cambridge’s police review board, was one of several women who filed gender and race discrimination complaints against the city. Monteiro, who is Cape Verdean, was fired in 2003.

A lawyer for the city tells The Boston Globe the judge’s decision was “very disappointing.”



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