Obama Insists that Cuban Political Prisoners Get More Rights, BUT Any US Citizens who “speaks out” about the US Government will be Treated as “Right Wing Extremists”

From another avid reader:

I just heard on the news that the US will consider more close relations with fellow Communist nation Cuba only if Cuba releases political prisoners and allows for basic rights like the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Meanwhile Napolitano and the DHS are one step away from putting “right wing extremists” (a.k.a. REAL, non-Communist Americans) into jail for speaking out and assembling.


Well, liberal squanks are used to having it both ways. You know, kinda like in the damn DHS memo. Apparently returning veterans need to be watched because they could be Timothy McVeigh…yet let’s not even consider there may be other Muslims like Osama bin Laden…no, that would be wrong to even think about.


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