WARNING: Entering the Panty Waist of Liberal America

American Captain held captive by Muslim Pirates

American Captain held captive by Muslim Pirates

By Bob Ferrari

These last few days, I am ashamed to be an American. I am ashamed at the lack of backbone, and just general common sense our new President and Secretary of State, and screaming liberals everywhere lack.  Obama and Hillary Clinton and those anyone-but-Bush voters are leading the US down the road to weakness and socialism. Actually the same thing. The captain of the first American-flagged ship to be captured by pirates in 200 years, sits in a row boat surrounded by four Islamic pirates.  You don’t hear that part on the liberal news do you? Did you realize that all of these pirates are Muslim??  You didn’t did you.  Why do you think they are now focusing on US shipping now??

Muslim Pirates

Muslim Pirates

Because here we are four days into this ordeal and we have done nothing. The captured American captain attempted an escape… he swam off the boat. AT THAT MOMENT, THE NEARBY 800MILLION DOLLAR DESTROYER SHOULD HAVE OPENED FIRE ON THAT BOAT! BUT THEY DIDN’T!!  Why is that?? You can bet that the President of the United States doesn’t want to harm any Somalians, that’s why. “The world might not like us.” There is NO OTHER EXPLAINATION.

So what is the result? Emboldened pirates:

U.S.-Owned Tugboat With Italians Aboard Hijacked Off Somalia


Meanwhile, France takes action!:

Hostage, 2 pirates killed in French rescue operation


President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are showing the world what they are made of:



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