Census: FAIL

From an avid reader

The US was set up so the states would compete and have very little interference from the Federal Government.

Liberal Census

Liberal Census

The Founding Fathers had us use the census to determine who gets what representation in the House.

States that offer opportunity get the most people and have better representation. States that suck lose people and thus lose representation. Therefore it is critical for a state to offer opportunity and keep its people.

I think that’s brilliant. It makes everyone better.

Some states (like Mass) are failing to hold onto people who produce, so they’ve turned to handouts to keep the cockroaches around. How do they keep the representation in Congress? Wellllll…The census for this time period may do away with counting everyone and going with “estimates”…of course meaning the cockroach illegals and “estimates” of how many homeless and whatever. It’s unconstitutional, but, hey, so is everything else this administration is doing.

It just shows to go you that the Founding Fathers were utterly brilliant in the way they set everything up, encouraging opportunity, responsibility, and prosperity. It’s being undermined at every frickin’ turn at all levels…and people wonder why we’re bankrupt and losing our edge in the world.

I hope my Obama-loving friends are seeing this and re-thinking their error in November…but it’s not just Obama. I think this goes back a ways. Bottom line: Founding Fathers right, new thinking FAIL.


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