Cheney: Obama Wants ‘Massive Expansion’

Warns Obama in using Recession for “Massive Expansion of Government”…

Which brings us to the reason that this blog was created and named as it is. The Democrats LOVE Big Government. The bigger the better!  I have yet to meet a single Cambridge, MA loonie that does NOT believe this. Talk radio host Jim Braude certainly openly embraces this matra. “Bigger the Government, the Better”.  The more handouts, the better. The more they take from the Middle Class, the better. Name your mantra, it all ends in your pocketbook or wallet.

Vice President Cheney charged Sunday morning on CNN that President Obama is using the recession “to try to justify” what is probably the largest expansion of federal authority “in the history of the Republic.”

“I worry a lot that they’re using the current set of economic difficulties to try to justify a massive expansion in the government, and much more authority for the government over the private sector,” Cheney said in his first television interview since leaving office. “I don’t think that’s good. I don’t think that’s going to solve the problem.”

Speaking to host John King on “State of the Union,” Cheney said he thinks the programs Obama has proposed “in health care, in energy and so forth constitute probably the biggest – or one of the biggest – expansions of federal authority over the private economy in the history of the Republic.”

“I worry very much that what is being done here is saying, ‘We’ve got an economic crisis, therefore, we’re justified in fundamentally remaking the health program in America,'” Cheney said. “I don’t think that’s right.”

Of course the world financial problem, is… well… a world financial problem. Blaming the US for the world problem is ridiculous.

“I think there’s no question but what the economic circumstances that he inherited are difficult ones,” Cheney said. “We said that before we left. I don’t think you can blame the Bush administration for the creation of those circumstances. It’s a global financial problem.

Is Barney grabbing his butt, or grabbing for his wallet, or maybe both? You decide.

But here is the crux of our (US) economic woes:

“We had, in fact, tried to deal with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac some years before, with major reforms that were blocked by Democrats on the Hill – [House Financial Services Chairman] Barney Frank and [Senate Banking Chairman] Chris Dodd. So I think the notion that you can just sort of throw it off on the prior administration – that’s interesting rhetoric, but I don’t think anybody really cares a lot about that. What they care about is what’s going to work, and how we’re going to get out of these difficulties.”

Cheney hits it all right on the head and exposes the source of the problem. Yet, you really won’t hear this in the mainstream media.



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