California’s state work force grew despite budget woes and cut promises

Even though Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered a hiring freeze, from June 2008 to February 2009, most state agencies either increased or kept the same number of full-time employees. (Brian Baer)

Shock of all shocks (this would be my shocked face). A screaming liberal state that has promised to make budget cuts… wait for it… continues to grow!  I am totally suprised by this.

While legislators and Schwarzenegger debated how to close a $40 billion budget deficit, 66 state agencies saw a net gain of full-time employees, 35 kept the same number of employees and 55 lost employees, data from the state controller’s office show.

Fortunately, the non-RINO Republicans see right through this. Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend, Tax and Waste, Tax and Waste… Say it isn’t so.

Last month, the two leading Republican candidates for governor criticized the budget deal because it relied, in part, on tax increases and not on substantially reducing the state work force.

Ted Costa of People’s Advocate, a government watchdog group, said slowing bureaucratic growth isn’t good enough.

“Government needs to be cut, squeezed and streamlined. It needs to get smaller,” Costa said. “Instead, the governor is doing stylistic things, like getting rid of lower-paid part-time help, instead of doing something substantial.”



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